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August 14 2014

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Some images from the appendices to Anthony Ashton’s Harmonograph: A Visual Guide to the Mathematics of Music (2003).

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5000 people were shown random YouTube videos. Scientists reconstructed the visual experience from brain activity. 

Here is the video

If you want to know more, here is the paper

And here is their website

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[Ray] Bradbury himself was giving a lecture on [Fahrenheit 451] to a class of college students and upon casually mentioning that the theme of the novel was the dangers of television, he was stopped in his tracks by someone loudly exclaiming “no, it’s about censorship!“.

After regaining his composure, Bradbury then tried to correct the student, presumably by pointing to the part of the cover where it said his name in giant letters, only for the rest of the class to chime in and agree that the novel was totally about censorship. Bradbury was so pissed off at the sheer pig-headedness of the students that he straight up stormed out of the class and vowed he’d never give another lecture on it.

— death of the author indeed (via sexhaver)
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I don’t know shit about photography, but the person who took this shot must be given the highest award of them all.

It’s a shopped shop.

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BREAKING: Patient Zero in the International & West Africa Ebola outbreak was a two-year-old boy in Guinea


The original patient in the current Ebola outbreak in Western Africa was a two-year boy in Guéckédou in Guinea, medical researchers told the New York Times. The boy died of the disease, which has a fatality rate of up to 90%, on Dec. 6, but not before it infected his mother, his three-year-old sister and his…

The original patient in the current Ebola outbreak in Western Africa was a two-year boy in Guéckédou in Guinea, medical researchers told the New York Times. The boy died of the disease, which has a fatality rate of up to 90%, on Dec. 6, but not before it infected his mother, his three-year-old sister and his grandmother. How did the virus spread? Relatives who attended their funerals took it back home with them to their villages.


This sad story is how the worst Ebola outbreak in history started. The village of Guéckédou also has the luck of being close to the borders of Sierra Leone and Liberia, making the spread of the virus even easier. The disease has also struck Nigeria. More than 960 people have died so far, out of 1,700 or so cases of the virus. But Medecins sans Frontieres told the BBC that official numbers were “under-representing the reality” of the situation of Liberia. “We are definitely seeing the whole health care system that is falling apart,” the MSF’s coordinator said. Five of the biggest hospitals in the capital Monrovia have been closed for more than a week.


The situation in Western Africa is a humanitarian catastrophe, and the World Health Organization has declared the outbreak an international public health emergency. The WHO said that there should be “no general ban on international travel or trade” but the initial spread of Ebola from a small village to four countries shows just how hard it is to contain diseases like this in the first place.

Source: Kabir Chibber for Quartz

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Émile-Antoine Bayard and Alphonse de Neuville, Around The Moon (Autour de la Lune); [Jules Verne], 1872.

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Mysterious graffiti in the Tower of London, carved by Hew Draper, a Bristol innkeeper, accused of sorcery, dated 1561 (photo HRP)


A zodiac wheel with a plan of the days of the week and the hours of the night on the right.

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There’s a massive red tide blooming off the coast of southwestern Florida and it appears to be growing.

The red tide is patchy, but researchers say it stretches an amazing 60 miles wide and 90 miles long in the Gulf of Mexico.

Just a few weeks ago it was reported to be 50 miles wide and 80 miles long.

Even at its new size it’s not the most colossal bloom recorded in this part of the world, but it is the biggest since 2005, according to Hayley Rutger, a spokeswoman with Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium.

"They are part of the natural system of the gulf, so we do get used to seeing them," she said. "This one is large, but not the largest we’ve ever seen."

This particular type of red tide, sometimes called “Florida red tide,” occurs when a microscopic algae called Karenia brevis (or K. brevis for short), begins to multiply out of control.


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Chris Foss concept art for Jodorowski’s Dune.

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me gettin stabbed as usual

"lol what can you do"

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The Matasano Crypto Challenges

We’ve built a collection of 48 exercises that demonstrate attacks on real-world crypto.

This is a different way to learn about crypto than taking a class or reading a book. We give you problems to solve. They’re derived from weaknesses in real-world systems and modern cryptographic constructions. We give you enough info to learn about the underlying crypto concepts yourself. When you’re finished, you’ll not only have learned a good deal about how cryptosystems are built, but you’ll also understand how they’re attacked.

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Benjamin Konig

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son these grades are unacceptable

well maybe if you’d stop eating my fucking homework dad

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Capitalism not only denies the majority any real control over their lives, it also insists that this unfair arrangement be accepted as normal. To contain rebellion, all who are impoverished and oppressed are treated as personally inadequate, biologically defective, mentally ill – anything other than the victims of a heartless and exploitive system.
Susan Rosenthal | Mental Illness or Social Sickness? 
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